Friday, December 28, 2007

Sweet Pea

I saw Sweet Pea today. Sweet Pea is a dog with short, tan colored hair. I first saw her about 2 years ago when she was a puppy. She ran out in the road to chase me and was promptly hit by a car. I heard the thump, and I looked back and saw the car had stopped, so I kept going, since there wasn't anything I could possibly do. I didn't see a dog at that house anymore, at least for several months, so I figured it had been killed. Then I went by one day and this dog came running out. It had a pretty good angle on me so I thought I was in trouble. When it got to the road, though, it turned and ran alongside me. I asked around and found out that it was the same dog that had been hit, and her name was, of course, Sweet Pea, and she liked to chase bicycles. She doesn't, though. She likes to RACE bicycles. Now if I go by when she is out she races me to the edge of her territory and I encourage her. Unfortunately it's uphill, so I top out at about 23 or 24 mph and she always wins. But she never sets one foot in the road.

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