Saturday, December 29, 2007

Could Not Resist

It was 68 degrees today. So what if it was cloudy and the roads were wet. I had to ride. Winter, or what passes for winter here in North Carolina is scheduled to return after the first of the year, so a day like this can't be wasted. It was the first time this year I rode in the wet - there hasn't been any rain. Still hard to believe, though, a short sleeve jersey day at the end of December. No complaints from me.
So, my total for the week was 128.13 miles (including the 30 on the trainer) with an average of 16.1 mph. Slow, I know, but I'm working on it. According to my heart rate monitor 7081 calories were sacrificed for those miles. Don't know how accurate that is, and for sure I don't know, or even want to know how many I've taken in this week. I don't know how many were in that piece of birthday cake over there, but someone needed to eat it, so I did. It was good.
This is kind of old news, but in case you didn't notice, N.C has a new "safe red light" law. It's designed for motorcycles, but it probably applies to bicycles, too. Although I don't think I've ever waited 3 minutes on my motorcycle, I have waited at least 2. On my bicycle, I tend to just turn right on red and then make a u-turn. don't ask why, I don't know.

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