Monday, December 31, 2007

Last Ride of 2007

I didn't work today, either, it's my last vacation day of 2007. I get 20 new ones tomorrow. My last ride of the year was 35.89 miles. That makes my total for the year (over there, in the list, too) 2287.24 miles. Low, I know, but I only rode about 400 miles through the end of March, then stopped riding until the end of July because of the building related illness I mentioned before. In July I decided that I had to ride. I'd gained 15 pounds, and my blood pressure was way up. Riding controls them both, I've only managed to lose 10 of those extra pounds so far, though. The best thing about riding for exercise is that I love to do it, so it isn't really exercise at all. Now, if I could find some riding partners....

Have a safe New Year's eve.

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