Sunday, December 09, 2007

Christmas Parade

I try to get long rides in on weekends now that the time has changed and I can't ride after work. Saturday was no exception, and it was beautiful. About sixty five, sunny, and almost no wind. My usual route takes me through Liberty and Staley twice and I end up with about a forty mile ride. I didn't realize that this Saturday was the Staley Christmas parade. On my second trip through I was surprised to find people lining my route on both sides of the road. The road wasn't blocked off yet, so I kept going, feeling a little self conscious since my bike was the only vehicle on the road. I guess I was the pre-parade entertainment. Most of the people ignored me, a few waved and smiled and said "Hi", and one little boy, about seven or eight, shouted "Love your Speedo, man" which, since I was wearing a cycling jersey and tights, didn't really apply, but I was glad to see that his parents were raising him in the red neck tradition of loudly displaying your own ignorance.

I slowly rode through the staging area and saw all the fire trucks, antique cars, tractors, and horses. Looks like they had a pretty good parade, and I know they had a great turnout to see it.
Next year maybe I'll find out when it is so I can avoid being part of it.

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