Sunday, May 06, 2012

What's The World Coming To?

Thanks to Fleetwood Mac for the title.

This big career change that I was forced to embark on back in October of 2010 continues to be the best thing that ever happened to me, but also severely limits my time. I barely have time to ride my bike, never mind blogging! I've only ridden about 750 mile this year, and believe me, it shows every time I step on a scale. Still, I suppose I'm in better shape than 80% of the other 58 year olds in this country.

That said (I try to use as many common cliches as I possibly can, at the end of the day) yesterday I got in a 42 mile ride. I didn't suffer too much, but I am soooo slow. But, on one of my trips through Fogleman acres, I came across three hoodlums. Three little boys, maybe 9 or 10 years old. On BICYCLES!!! They were terrorizing the neighborhood. Not only did they try to race me, they were also racing any cars that came along. They sure looked like they were having fun, kind of like I did way back, in the day, when I was their age. Anyway, I left 'em behind and hoped they might be ok. Fast forward to Sunday. Another bike ride, another trip through Fogleman Acres. This time I saw the same three little boys in a yard, armed with a baseball, and protected only by a leather baseball mitt on a single hand. It sure looked like they were having FUN, but where were their parents??? Or the safety police??? I mean, why weren't those boys sitting in front of a computer monitor, learning how to, ummm, shoot aliens? Really. Isn't make believe computer play more important than real face to face social interaction.

I have not seen kids outside riding bikes and actually playing for several years. I hope I see them again. Who ever the parents might be - thanks. There is hope for the world