Saturday, December 15, 2007


I always look forward to the weekends, I get to go for long rides, and this time of year they are the only rides I get. I guess I got spoiled over the last few weeks with the temperatures ranging from lows in the upper 50's to temperatures like last weekend in the mid 70's. Today I got up and the thermometer said 45 and it has been dropping ever since. It's cloudy and there is a 15 mph wind. I'm probably going to wimp out and ride on my trainer. About three weeks ago REI had a Kinetic fluid trainer on sale -$70 off - so I got one. I've been using it and the Spinnervals DVD that came with it for my weeknight rides. I thought I was in pretty good shape. The DVD seems to indicate I am not, but not way out, either. Anyway, since I have the trainer, I might as well do a long ride in the house and avoid the weather. But it's nowhere near as much fun as riding on the road. The road isn't exercise, it's playing.

I hope something falls from these clouds.

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