Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Beer or Gas?

That is the question.
Gas is the answer. It won't be long before it's food or gas. I hope food wins.
I need to commute on the bike, but not until the days get longer.

Well, coach Troy says I'm doing great. Wait. Maybe he's talking to the cyclists in the DVD. No road rides since the 11th, and there won't be until at least the 22nd. The trainer is working out ok. Those one legged and cadence drills really do make a difference. Smooths out the stroke.

I had the bike set up in the bedroom for Sunday's 30 mile ride, and happened to glance at the mirror and notice the lack of leg extension on my pedal stroke. I stopped and adjusted the seat height. It was 5/8ths of an inch too low! So that's another advantage of having the trainer - I can make adjustments and try them out without going any place.

I want to ride. Outside.

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