Sunday, March 02, 2008

Pickup and Dog

Another perfect day for riding, another 40 miles. Much less wind and an average speed of 16.9 About halfway through I stopped to take my long sleeve jersey off. While I was doing that I noticed a pickup truck slowly approaching me. I wasn't too concerned, but I was all alone out in the middle of nowhere. When it got to me, it stopped, and the driver asked if I was ok. I said I was, then he said not to worry about his dog, it wouldn't bother me, then drove slowly away. I didn't see a dog at first, but then it appeared, running down the opposite side of the road. It was following the truck. Of course, when it got to me it had to stop and come over and check me out. The pickup driver saw that and blew the horn and the dog took off after the truck again. That's a pretty good way of taking the dog for some exercise. I'd never seen that before.

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sarah said...

That is a great way to walk the dog! Sounds like you are having some pretty good weather, although a bit windy, and getting some nice rides in! Isn't high speed great? We went from dial up to cable in Dec and suddenly realized how fun the internet really is ;)