Friday, March 07, 2008

New Bike?

Left work at 11:30 yesterday to take the oldest to the orthodontist for a 12:15 appointment. It was just a 10 minute check up, so after I treated her to a visit to the Performance Bike store just down the street. Ok, she looked a little bored, but she didn't complain - too much. I bought a new pair of Pearl Izumi Gel Lite gloves, two pairs of De Feet socks. Being suddenly fashion conscious, I got a pair of yellow and a pair of red to go with the jerseys of the same colors. Don't ask, I just wanted to. Couldn't find any blue. I also got another Headsweats skull cap (can't stand sweat in my eyes). I noticed they had some Fuji bikes there, so I looked them over. Then I found an '08 Fuji Roubaix, and when I flipped over the price tag I found it was on sale - $400 less than MSRP. At the checkout I asked if they had the larger sizes. The clerk looked it up. They have the 58 cm in stock, but not the 61, but he said he could get it. I think I probably need the 61. I'm going tomorrow to see about getting fitted to be sure, and maybe get a test ride. Maybe I WILL get a new bike after all. I mean, I DO have the money, and CJ's objections are not all that strong.

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Anonymous said...

I was not bored for the first 15 minutes and I didn't complain at all I'll have you know!!