Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Partial goal achieved.

I've been working at the place in High Point since Monday hooking up computer equipment and resolving problems my replacement can't be bothered with (read "can't do"). I finished early enough today to make it back to Liberty and then home in time to get an after work road ride in. I did a 13.52 mile loop and managed to average 18.2 mph. That would be my fastest ride ever, my previous best being 17.4. One of my goals for the year is to average 18 mph over one of my 30 plus mile loops, so I'm part way there. Even us old people can improve, from the looks of it.

We had some strong storms come through last night. About 10:00, a half hour after they diminished the power went out and stayed out until 7:30 this morning. For some reason it's harder to sleep with the power gone. Makes no sense.

Time changes next week. Longer after work rides!


sarah said...

Good pace! Sounds like you are doing your own Time Trials ;) Really that's great especially on your own with no help from a pace line. Just back from my own ride. Temps in the 50's today, but it's not to last.

Michael said...

Thanks. I was surprised by how fast I was going about halfway through the ride, and that gave me enough motivation to keep the speed up. The weather here is great. I know about New England weather, having moved here from Massachustts 19 years ago. The terrain here is hilly, but nothing like where I came from in Mass.

Supposed to have 45 mph winds tomorrow, so I'll probably have to do the horrible trainer thing.