Sunday, March 09, 2008

Short ride

Some of today's scenery. Nice green grass.

I did 31 miles today, and sort of think of it as a short ride now. I think that means I'm getting in shape. I thought I was dressed warm enough when I left, but I only went about half a mile and had to turn around and go get my ear warmers. The thermometer said it was 48°, but it must have been baked in the sun for a while, or something, I don't usually need ear warmers at 48, or even 45. I had to cut the ride short because I was cooking a pork butt on the grill using a really great barbecue recipe, and had to be home to finish it. Ok, so it isn't in Chris Carmichaels Eat Right to Train Right, but it's good, and, well, it's good.

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