Saturday, March 01, 2008

March comes in

Ok, 64°, brilliant sunshine, an absolutely beautiful day. It should be a no brainer (which makes things easy for me, the ultimate no brainee) to ride on the road. But....... The wind, 20 to 30 mph. It was ALL of that. I thought about doing the trainer on the deck thing, but ended up convincing myself to ride on the road instead. Man, when that kind of wind is behind you you can really fly! 'Course, when it's in your face, it's not so much fun. Hills I can go down on a windless day at 33 to 34 mph I struggled to do 19 today. Still, though, I went 40 miles, and I wouldn't have done that on the trainer, 30 would have been a struggle. I don't feel very motivated pedaling into the wind, so I don't push too hard. Still, I managed to average 16.4 mph. Tomorrow is supposed to be the same temp, but only a 5 to 10 mph wind. I'll take it.

My heartrate monitor kept stopping today. I'm going to attempt to put new batteries in it and the sending unit tonight. They're about 2 years old, and the wrist unit has been showing a low battery icon for three months. Wish me luck.

Train station in Liberty. I think all my rides go past it.

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