Thursday, January 01, 2009

Year In Review

Well, 2008 is gone so it's time to tally the score. I rode a total of 4135.03 miles. Those miles were spread out over 141 rides, the shortest was 3.49 and the longest was 76.82. A little bit of a surprise was the average speed for the 4135 miles was 16.7. That speed was faster that all but a handful of my fastest rides in previous years. I also burned 215,143 calories. Only riding once in September may have kept me from getting close to 5,000, but who knows, maybe this year. At this point I still haven't set any goals for '09 other than to keep riding. I miss it when I don't.

Hope everyone had a great New Year's and has a great new year.

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sarah said...

Congratulations on a fantastic year! Wishing you lots of good pedaling in '09!