Tuesday, January 27, 2009

January Returned

After 64 degrees on Saturday, Sunday dawned cloudy and cold. My plan (I had one - really) was to watch the live coverage of the last 8 1/2 hours of the Daytona 24 Hours, which came on at 7:00 and stayed on until the finish at 3:30, try my hand at baking The Best Lemon Bars, Cook's Illustrated named them that, and they are right, and, as soon as the temp got close to 40, go for a long ride. The day went pretty much as planned, but the temp never got above 35. That turned out not to be such a bad thing. I pulled out the trainer and set it up in front of the tv and rode there while watching the race. What was fun was when they showed the view from the cameras on top of the cars - it actually made me feel like I was going down a road. Cool. Is that what the computrainer is like? I rode 20 miles, averaged 16.2mph, and discovered the rear brake was dragging when I finished . That made for a more intense workout. I was wondering why I felt like I was working so hard, and relieved to find out that it "wasn't me".

The Lemon bars were great. I had not made them for a couple of years and was pleased to find out I can still cook. I made them before my ride, so I had something to replace all those calories with.

Congratulations to Brumos Porsche for the win. The race was amazing for a 24 hour event: two teams fighting for the win with the cars nose to tail after that long is rare.

Hope the mild winter returns soon.


sarah said...

I love homemade lemon bars! Actually like lemon in general, the lemon Larabars are probably my favorite. That's neat the way the car track lined up for your trainer ride. I think the computrainer will be like that when I use it like it's set up in the ads with a 'road' in front of you. For the group riding it's been set up a little differently and we're watching race dvd's or training ones. I'll let you know soon if I get a sense of 'going somewhere' while riding it.

Glenn_in_MA said...

Extended outlook shows more mild winter for your area! I'm jealous!!