Monday, January 19, 2009

Will it, REALLY?


The prediction for tonight is 2 to 4 inches. I hope it happens. Real snow, on the ground. It's been a long time. Those of you that live in places where it snows every winter may not understand, but it's exciting. We keep going to the window, hoping to see those first snowflakes. I may stay up late, just to see it. You know, I used to do the same thing, even when I lived in Vermont. What is it about that first snowfall that touches something in us? I want to see everything pristine and white.

As for riding, Saturday, because of the cold I set up the trainer and went exactly one hour, 16.3 miles. I did 5 one minute intervals at max heart rate, but mostly just rode. I chose Guns N' Roses Greatest Hits on the mp3 player to help me through, it seemed to be a good choice. One thing is certain, without the ceiling fan it would be torture. Pretty good workout.

Sunday turned out to be colder than forecast, but I really wanted a ride on the road. About 10:30 it was up to about 37 degrees, so off I went, in hopes that it might warm up. Except for my toes, I was a lot warmer than expected. I rode 44.84 miles at 16.2 mph. The ponds I by had a sheet of ice on them. It's been years since that has happened. I even ran into some sleet, another surprise, it wasn't forecast. At 20 mph it stings on your face. It was a nice ride, and, the mileage is going up. After all, the only way to ride further, is to ride further. Same with going faster. Ya just got to do it.

I'm going to the window now and waiting for the snow. Pics, if it does.


sarah said...

I hope you get a little snow. I agree it is pretty when it is clean and white. I am happy with the latest snow we got as it bonded to the ice underneath so we can walk around again! I would never survive inside workouts without the fan too. I'm a little envious that you got outside for riding! Good miles and speed too! Sorry there isn't a computrainer center closer to you, maybe they will add one near you as they get more set up.

Michael said...

I think that being able to ride outside may sort of give me a reason not to use the trainer. I tend to think "I'll just wait for the weekend", and put it off.

I was thinking - wouldn't it be cool if you could hook up your home trainers to something like the computrainer and do group rides via the internet? I probably just made someone millions...

sarah said...

That is one brilliant idea! Wish I knew how to implement it ;)

Glenn_in_MA said...

re: trainer rides over the internet

I believe it's being done already...but my memory is increasingly failing me so I can't remember the who/what/where's of it! When I do, I'll leave a comment or put up a post about it.