Friday, January 02, 2009

Fresh Page

The first ride of 2009 has been ridden. It didn't look too likely this morning, we had some real winter weather. Just a little freezing rain, and the temp got above freezing almost immediately. But it kept raining and the temp stayed right at 36, so I wasn't going anywhere. That is, until about 2:30 when the sky cleared, the sun came out and the thermometer went up to 44. I got in 20 miles. The bike is in dire need of some attention, though. Besides being filthy, everything needs adjusted and lubricated, and it certainly is time for a new chain. I did take the time to clean the front derailleur with some 409 and a tooth brush, then lubed and adjusted it. That should help.


Glenn_in_MA said...

So sorry to hear of the passing of Pepper. That was the name of our dog when I was growing up. Take Care.

Michael said...

Thank you. She was maybe the sweetest dog I have ever been around. My daughter got her when she was in the first grade. I'll probably write something about her. She is missed.