Saturday, January 17, 2009


She chose us.
Sam talked us into getting a puppy from her first grade teacher, so we went to just look at them. The teacher lived on a farm, and the puppies were kept outside in a shed. When we got there these six week old black balls of fur came out to greet us. I think there were six of them. They were running around, mostly playing with each other, except for one. This one, the smallest, fattest one came over to CJ and Sam, and stayed with them. She payed no attention to what her siblings were up to. I guess she knew who she wanted to go home with. I kept trying to look at the other puppies, but there wasn't any way we were going home without her
I was going to say more. maybe some other time.
We are glad she chose us. I'd like to think she was too.

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sarah said...

You know from my blog that I love dogs and lab types in particular! I'm sure Pepper was an amazing member of your family and I'm so sad for your loss. Puppies sometimes really do 'pick' their people. Silas was like that. We didn't 'need' another dog, but a whole litter had been dumped at the pet food store and Jeff had gotten smitten with them. He'd been playing with Silas a little. I was trying to be 'good' and walk away, but Silas ran and skidded over the slippery tiled floor to me and bit my sneaker and wouldn't let go!