Sunday, January 11, 2009

Last Week

I only rode twice last week, 10 miles on the trainer Tuesday evening, and yesterday, 39.57, on the road. Riding wasn't much of a priority because of Pepper's failing health. She was very much a member of this family in ways I have never experienced with any other pet, and she is missed.
As for yesterday's ride, it was a nice day, 57 degrees, but very windy. I put a new chain on and was surprised at how much quieter and smoother it was, as well as the improved shifting. I did have to stop a few times and tweak the rear derailleur adjustment a bit, but once it was dialed in the shifts were quick and crisp. Looks like the 3,400 miles on the old chain might have been a little too much.

I didn't get to use my Garmin yesterday, I went outside, turned it on and found the battery was low. I guess someone left it on (that person will remain nameless, but I think I caught a glimpse of him in the mirror). I have been following some things coming out of this year's Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, and one thing that looks like it might finally be emerging is "wireless power". The best of the products looks like surfaces that will charge your phone, camera, etc. by simply setting it down, and will do several at once. Until yesterday, I wasn't all that convinced. Besides the dead Garmin, though, I noticed when I emptied my pockets after my ride that there were two mp3 players, two cell phones, and a digital camera on the kitchen table, plus my Garmin on the counter being recharged. The stuff being shown at CES would charge all of them at the same time just by putting them on the table - where they were anyway. It's a ways off, but it may just make it. As a disclaimer, I am employed by one of the companies involved, although it is a different division, I have nothing to do with the product, and didn't even know they were involved in this until after I started looking into it. Here's a link to with a little more, for anyone interested.

Today is supposed to be around 50 degrees, I am leaving soon for a ride.


sarah said...

I'm sorry about Pepper! I guess I didn't know you had a pet, do you have a pic to post?

My Garmin battery is sometimes mysteriously flat, even after being charged...I've never figured out why. Btw, you probably know this already, but if it doesn't turn on sometime, press reset and mode at the same time and hold. I had to find this out online the first day I had it when it wouldn't turn on!!

I hope they hurry up with producing those wireless chargers for us!

Sounds like nice weather there, we have a little snow and a bunch of freezing rain ice on top...yuck!

Glenn_in_MA said...

Bummer about the game last night...I was rooting for them too. Part of the withdrawal process I'm going through with my team already on the sideline! Where did these Cardinals come from anyway? A few weeks ago when they played the Pats they looked worse than pathetic!!

Hope you have a great ride