Saturday, February 16, 2008

Yield to Life

I think most all enthusiast bikers (is that ME??) know who David Zabriskie is. I think all of us, every single one of us, who rides a bike on the road, has been cut off, intimidated, frightened, and harassed by someone in a motor vehicle. Many of us have been hit. I have not, exactly, but I have been touched by a mirror. I have also been run off the road and, one time complained to a corporation whose truck nearly hit me (see this post). I never got a response. We all know when we leave the house that we may not be coming back. We all are aware that our lives are in the hands of strangers. Dave has started this web site, Yield to Life to advocate safer cycling for us all. Thank you, Dave we all support you. I hope it works, but I'm afraid it will only be seen by cyclists. I still believe we need to somehow get a campaign going like the seatbelt and drunk driving public service ads to inundate the public with the message. It has worked for those issues, it would for cycling.

There is a TV ad by an insurance company, I think it's Allstate, that shows people in the road and stresses that is the reality of what traffic is. People, not vehicles.

It's Saturday. I'll be out there. The ride is always the first thing on my "to do " list. Everything else gets squeezed in around it. Got the races at Daytona to watch, too. Good thing the DVR was invented. That would be right behind the mp3 player and, of course, cell phone, in must have tech wonders.

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