Thursday, February 21, 2008

Not lazy, exactly -

Haven't been on the bike since my 30 mile ride last Sunday. I got ordered to the new facility to run network cables and phone line for the office staff on Tuesday. You might think that would have been done before they moved there, what, three weeks ago? RIIIIIGHT. It took me until today to get it finished. Since I had to run the cables overhead, about 10 feet off the ground for a distance of more than 100 feet, and I was working alone, the trips up and down the ladder wore me out. You know, climb ladder, pull cable, unclimb ladder, move ladder 6 feet, climb ladder..... seem to use different muscles from cycling for that. Plus I got home a lot later, and just didn't feel like getting the trainer out.

I may put the scoop on the new place on the other, invitation only blog. The place needs some exposure.

The weekend looks like it might be nice. I plan on being out there again.

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