Sunday, February 10, 2008

Outside, anyway...

The wind is as strong today as the Weather Channel claimed it would be. Being blown all over the road was not on my list of things I wanted today so I pulled out the trainer and was getting ready to set it up in the bedroom. Then I noticed the temperature was about 58° outside, so I thought, "why not ride on the deck?". So I did. With the wind blowing over me, and Emerson, Lake , and Palmer on my mp3 player, it was pretty comfortable. Whenever possible, I think I'll put the trainer on the deck. If I could figure out how to put the Spinerval dvd on my mp3 player, I could do that on the deck too.

I rode 25.6 miles and averaged 17.1 mph. It seems to me, though that riding at, say, 19 mph on the trainer takes a lot more effort than riding 25 mph on a level road. Is that my imagination or is that the way the trainers work?

I was fooling around with my heartrate monitor and discovered that, since February 17, 2006 I have ridden 260 times, for 468 hours and burned 345581 calories. I didn't know it was keeping everything.

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