Tuesday, February 05, 2008


The time trial Spinerval that I endured tonight calls for seven 90 second intervals in the big chain ring, and the 15 on the back. For me, that's 50/15. I could never do it, having to stay in the 50/18 instead. Until tonight. I didn't do the whole thing in the 50/15, but I got through first interval, then about 60 seconds in each of the next four before shifting down to the 18 for the last 30 seconds. The last two intervals call for the 50/13, and I tried those , but ended up finishing in the 18. So, I guess that means even old guys like me can get stronger. Heart rate topped out at 176, again, not bad for someone 54 years old. But man, those intervals are tough. It won't be long until it's light enough after work to ride, then the trainer can go in the closet.

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