Saturday, February 23, 2008

On the Road Again.

Maybe there is something to this recovery week thing, or maybe it was all those trips up and down the ladder, I don't know, but Saturdays ride felt a lot better. My legs felt great, and my average speed for 40 miles on the road was 17.1. For most of the ride it was 17.5, but I slacked off toward the end.That's the best since September 10, 2006 (that was a 17.2). That 17.2 was shortly after my move into an office space where I experienced a building related illness that caused serious breathing problems, and today marks three weeks since my return to my former office space. There were a lot of 17 plus mph rides before 9/10/06, and I have some hope now that there can be more, since I can breath again. Management doesn't believe it, of course. Doesn't really matter what they think. I am getting faster and riding is more enjoyable.

The last couple of rides I've noticed frogs chirping in all the little ponds and brooks. They aren't big enough to croak yet. It's strange to hear them the second and third weeks of February. I saw buds on the plum and peach trees in the yard too. The day started out about 41 degrees with dense fog, so I postponed my ride until afternoon, when the sun came out. It got up to 67 degrees. Great day for a ride. Oh, Sweet Pea came out to play. I hadn't seen her for a while. She beat me, again, but barely.

This blog isn't going to accept anonymous comments any longer. If someone doesn't think their comment is good enough to put their name on, I sure won't.

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