Saturday, February 02, 2008

The Week Ends.

Got a late start today. Had to go to the big city and spend a small fortune on groceries. Good thing food and energy costs don't count toward inflation. If they did we'd all be in big trouble. Economies just fine. Ask King George. Maybe he'll give me a job, too, ya think?

Another 75.6 miles this week. I only rode 3 times, once on the trainer, twice on the road (yeah!). I skipped the time trial Spinerval this weekend only did the technique one. Sixty degree February days, like today, are terrific, and there wasn't much wind, either. I did the 35.9 mile loop today, and averaged 16.3. Not bad for this time of year. Stayed in the 50, too, up ALL the hills. It should get even better. I need to start making the rides a little longer.

I noticed that all the farm ponds are full again, and the creeks are upto the top of their banks. Maybe the water table is coming back up.

Tomorrow is supposed to be sixty six. I'll be out there.

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