Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Both books that I build my bike fitness programs around, Cycling Past 50 by Joe Friel, and The Lance Armstrong Performance Program by Lance and Chris Carmichael, contain sections on weight training. I've tried. I found my old and unused weights out in the shed, brought them in the house and cleaned them up. My intent was to use the programs in the books as a guide to build some upper body strength. I figured Monday's and Wednesday would be good, mixed with riding Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. The rides seem to be working out, but I hate those weights. They're worse than those dreaded Spinervals, but at least with the Spinervals I can actually see the improvement in my rides. I managed to work out with the weights for about five weeks, but now I always have an excuse not to. Maybe next week. It's Wednesday, and it's too late.

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