Friday, January 04, 2008

Not so fast.

Well, 2008 has gotten off to a slow start, only 10 miles so far, and that's been on the torture, ummm, I mean trainer with the spinerval time trial dvd. I'm too old for this, right? It looks like the weekend should be good for riding outside, though. Goals for '08? How about 4,000 miles, and completing one of my 35 mile loops with an average speed of 18mph. My best average so far has been 17.4, so it ought to be attainable.

With gas prices what they are, I wouldn't mind commuting to work. Its only 3 miles, but having to take a child to school kind of makes it impossible. Maybe over the summer.

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sarah said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I'm enjoying reading yours. Good luck with your goals for this year!