Saturday, January 26, 2008

Recovery Week

That's what I'm calling this past week instead of the "too lazy to put the bike on the trainer and ride" week. And veg out watching tv, and eat lots of junk food week. I've recoverd now, though. I only rode the 9.5 miles last Sunday, then 35.91 today. My legs felt pretty good, so maybe the rest did some good. I was able to stay on the big chainring (50) except on the two steepest climbs, both of which will fall to my immense power later in the year as I become more fit, I am sure. Ok. one of them, maybe, when the wind is behind me, although I did make it up the worst one once in the 50. Temperature today wasn't bad, 44 when I started, 47 when I finished, but I still prefer 90 degree days.

No football this weekend, but the Rolex 24 is on. I missed the start since I went for a ride, but it's on for a long, long time.

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