Sunday, January 13, 2008

First 08 Crash

Not much of a crash, more of a fall over thing. When I shifted to my small chainring while climbing a hill the chain came off. Not really a problem, I stopped and put it back on. Or so I thought. I got back on the bike, clipped my right foot into the pedal, pulled it up to the three o'clock position, then stood up on it to get rolling. Big mistake. The chain promptly came off again, and since I was stationary, I went over. The only damage is a small bruise on my left calf and a hole in the knee of my only pair of tights. Oh, and feeling like an idiot for not making sure the chain was actually on. Hopefully it'll be the last crash of 08.

Today was the coldest ride so far of this winter. It was 43 degrees when I started, but had warmed up to 47 by the time I got home.

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