Tuesday, January 08, 2008


On my Saturday ride I crossed paths with Jimmy - he was going in the opposite direction so I turned around and caught up with him. When I rode with him before he had a Trek Madone. Saturday he was riding a "new" bike he had picked up on Ebay. It's a 2005 Trek time trial bike. He built it with new wheels, seat, drive train and handle bars. It's a beautiful bike He wanted it to weigh 15 pounds, but it's a little overweight at 17. I'm standing there straddling my 30 pound Fuji, and I'm jealous. Sometimes when I go into a bike shop I pick up a new bike with one finger, and wish. I wonder just how much faster I might be on a bike that light. But then the times we rode together, with him on his Madone, I was faster. We'll have to get together and ride again sometime. Saturday we just chatted for a little bit then took off in different directions.

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