Saturday, January 19, 2008


It's snowing! This is the first real snow this winter, or last, and maybe even the one before that, I can't remember for sure. It's pretty. It's more exciting when it's so rare. I went out and wandered around with the kids for a little while taking pictures. It's nice to see it, enjoy it, and know it'll all be gone in a couple of days, and I won't have to shovel any.

I rode the trainer today. My clothes are only good down to the mid 40's, and the temp was in the high 30's. That plus the snow made me stay in. I kind of wanted to go out and ride in it, but I don't have anything that would keep me dry enough and still be comfortable. I wasn't feeling all that great, either, a little bit of a cold or something, so I only did 20 miles. Still, my mileage for the week is 69.75. Not bad, considering in previous years it would have been 0.

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