Sunday, November 16, 2008

Take It Easy

Today's theme. Take it easy. See how it goes. So, alternating The Eagle's version with Jackson Browne's in my head to remind me, I did just that. Starting out was a little rough, but it got better. I even went so far as to force myself to use the small chain ring (gasp) in places that I NEVER use it, but it made a difference. I managed to keep my average heart rate to 146 - low, for me. My intent was to just go for a short ride, but I ended up going 33.5 miles and averaged 16.1. I was pleasantly surprised, after last week's short ride.

The picture shows what kind of day it was. About 47 degrees with a 10 to 20 mph wind. I got out the full finger gloves for the first time.

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sarah said...

Yay! I'm so happy that you got a nice ride. Our temps were a little warmer here, believe it or not, high 50's, but we had the same sort of wind. It's harder to 'take it easy' in wind! That's a pretty pic. I love biking through farm country.