Friday, November 28, 2008

Day After..

We had a nice Thanksgiving - hope all of you did too. Yesterday's feast supplied a lot of calories that had to be used up, and today's weather made the choices pretty easy. I started out with a couple of hours of leaf removal. Since I couldn't find the rake I was reduced to using the leaf blower. Who invented these things, anyway? They are useless for anything more than a few leaves, for an acre of 3 inch deep leaves, all they are is too much work. On top of that you come away covered with a thin film of foul smelling two stroke oil. Eventually the rake was uncovered (it was propped up against a tree and had fallen over, I had nothing to do with that - honest). I moved more leaves with the rake and a plastic tarp in 15 minutes than I had in the previous hour and a half with the blower.

Once I got bored with the yard work I took off on a bike ride. It's the end of November and the temp was in the mid 60's, so I had to. I got in 36 miles and averaged 16.7. Maybe my fitness can come back. Tomorrow and Sunday are suppose to have highs of 48 with rain, but I am planning on riding, anyway. And there are still plenty of leaves, so I have something else to do, too.

Oh, I washed the bike today. That makes two times in 2,955 miles It needed it.


sarah said...

That's a very productive day! I don't like leaf blowers either, especially biking past them and having to breathe all the fumes and dust in the air. I got caught in a down pour on today's ride and got completely soaked! I'm not sure my shoes will be dry by tomorrow. I hope you don't have a very heavy rain this weekend.

Michael said...

One thing nice around here is if someone using a blower or even a lawn mower sees you coming on a bike they always stop until you've passed. Don't know if they do it other places, but it helps a little.