Sunday, September 26, 2010

Half a Mile

This morning my coffee sipping and watching of the pre-race show for the Singapore Formula One race was interrupted by the sound of police sirens and the ensuing insistent barking of Logan (our newest adoptee, not reported on here - yet). The sirens stopped nearby, Logan quieted down, and, thankful for the quiet, and not really caring what all the ruckus was about, I went back to watching TV. The race was terrific.

Following the race, I went out and rode a quick 24.4 miles, then, around 2:00, left to take Colin to Randleman for his ride back to UNCC. As soon as we turned onto the highway we saw about six police vehicles, plus a firetruck in the other lane.

They were there for this. Less than a half mile from my house.

What can I say?


A Midnight Rider said...

I always have to suspect alcohol when there is a hit and run. The driver really has to make a decision of years in jail or try to get away. I he runs, he may get away with it. It he stops it's definite jail time.

I don't agree with that rational but can certainly understand it.

sarah said...

I am catching up on blog posts and thought I'd be seeing your latest miles total! I'm glad you are safe and am so sad for that man. Any further news on the case?

Michael said...

There isn't anything new except for the offer of a reward for information in the article linked to below. There is some information posted by people who knew the person killed in the comments sections of the news stories, but, of course you have to go through all the cyclist hating comments to find them. It seems he was a very accomplished cyclist that regularly toured long distances.

It would be nice if one of the news sites would do a story like this (Found the link at Mad Dog Media) in response to those insensitive comments.

I haven't updated the mileage for a while - it's just 3018, so far.

David said...

How sad. I am sure this kind of thing really gives you chills.