Wednesday, July 28, 2010


As noted in my last post, a variety of things have conspired to give me some excuses for not riding. There have only been 15 rides since the first of June for a total of 479 miles. Foremost among the excuses has been the weather. Well, tonight, the air quality wasn't too bad, temp only about 90, humidity 61, and thunderstorms pretty far away according to the radar. So, no excuses and a ride took place. It was only 23 miles and I averaged 16.7 (it was 17.4 into the last 2 miles, but being attacked by a rather large dog and taking the time to chase it home and speak to it's owner dropped the average, but that's another, still percolating story).

As always, I took the time to weigh myself before the ride. I do this so I can keep up with my hydration needs, and, of course, gloat at how trim and fit bike riding keeps me. Not tonight, though. Tonight I verified that the same diet that lets me lose weight all summer while riding enough to burn about 10,000 calories a week will not keep me "fit and trim" when I am not riding. There was a winter type weight gain.

So, it looks like I have to ride more or eat less. I think ride more is the answer.

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