Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Over 3000

Finally. There was an error over there in the monthly mileage that I corrected tonight. I won't go into the details, but, it was rider error in EXCEL that caused it. But, I am over 3000 mile for the year, at last. I am about 100 miles short of where I was last year at this time, but the weather has been a bit uncooperative with a lot of scattered evening thunderstorms. This week looks pretty good, and tonight was no exception. I got in 32.8 miles at 17.4 mph after work.

I've been sort of religious about slathering on the sun screen before my rides, but on a couple of these evening rides I've "forgotten". Since the sun was hiding behind a cloud while I was getting ready today, I skipped the SPF 30 and went unprotected. Of course the clouds vanished about 10 minutes into the ride, but since it was after 5:00, there was a lot of shade. Oh, did I mention it was 90 degrees with 60% humidity. I guess I just did. Anyway, has anyone else noticed that their sweat seems to evaporate better without sunscreen? Is that just my imagination? I feel so much cooler without it. One thing that isn't imagined is when sweat runs into my eyes. If I am wearing sunscreen my eyes burn so much sometimes I have to stop and wipe them because I can't see to ride. Without the sunscreen, sweat is just water in my eyes. No problem. I think I'll keep using sun protection, but maybe I need to keep it away from my eyes.

Hope I can get a Thursday ride in too. Maybe four this week?

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Glenn_in_MA said...

Congrats on the 3000!! At this point I'll be thrilled to reach 3000 by the end of the year, which will be short of my annual goal of 3500. Hope good riding weather lasts deep into the Fall and helps offset the lack of riding due to rain this past Spring.

Can't comment on sweating with sunscreen because I rarely use it, and when I do it's only on the back of my neck for long rides and/or upper arms while wearing sleeveless. I've solved the problem of sweat running into my eyes by wearing skull caps (I'm bald...they're a necessity), but on the few occasions when it breaks through anyway it burns my eyes sunscreen or not...mostly not.