Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Few Stats

A few quick stats from todays race:
Total miles: 10.95
Average speed: 20
Total time: 32.52.9
Max speed: 28.1
Heartrate: average 169, max, 184.

It is nice to win two in a row. Last year it was novice, this year it was Cat5, and it wasn't easy, but it sure was fun! More to follow, but I need to work on speed now, I have plenty of endurance.


Sarah said...
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sarah said...

Well done!
(Sorry about my mistake above with the deleted comment!)

Glenn_in_MA said...

Great job! Good to see you're doing a little racing.
I participated in my first time trial on Saturday. A 12 miler hosted by a local club. What a disaster...but I did have fun and learned a few things that I probably knew already...just needed to confirm them! One thing's for sure, like you mention, I need to seriously work on speed. I'll be posting on the TT shortly.