Sunday, December 07, 2008

Did I mention I don't like wind?

Well, that was confirmed today. It was supposed to be 10 to 20 mph today, but I think it was only 20 - no 10 involved. I was using the small chainring in the middle cogs on level ground when I was headed into the wind. I also have figured out that 40 degrees is about the lower limit of my gloves and wool socks. My fingers are cold, but ok; they could be warmer. My toes, however, go very numb. Some sort of booties might be in order. I hate to spend money on cold weather stuff, though, because the cold doesn't last very long.

I went 29. 74 miles and averaged 16.2. Now it's back to the trainer until next weekend.


Glenn_in_MA said... going to tell us about your new bike?

Michael said...

I'm sorry what may be some confusion. I just noticed that I'd not changed that picture. I got the new Fuji back in March - there were some posts about it. It was my contribution to the economic stimulus - how I spent my government check, plus some(and we see now how well that went, but I got a new bike after almost 30 years). I love it. Only thing - me and white handlebar tape don't go well together. But it looks great for a day or so.

Glenn_in_MA said...

Ah...I see. I know all about contributing to economic stimulus via the bike gear method! Looks like a nice bike. I have a Specialized Roubaix that I it two years ago. Good luck with you're riding...up here in NE it looks like the winter is really starting to set in so my short fixie rides may become few and far in between. Actually, who am I kidding...they already are few and far in between as chronicled on my blog.

Michael said...

I know all about trying to do anything in NE, I moved to NC 20 years ago from Baldwinville, MA (near Gardner) and lived in VT for a while. Sometimes I miss the winters, but only for a minute or so... I like it here, now.

Take care, I enjoyed looking at your blog.