Wednesday, April 14, 2010


The DirecTV and Versus (Comcast) truce means that, once again, I get to watch two things I love. Indy Car Racing and Bicycle racing. Watching Fabian Cancellara putting an exqusite smack down to all comers in Flanders and Paris - Roubaix was, as they say, "Must see TV". That smooth, fluid riding off into the sunset, leaving a puzzled, almost incoherent Tom Boonen to wallow in his wake was, simply, beautiful.

So, yesterday, after twelve miles of commuting, I came home, changed into the cycling clothes, pulled out the "fast" bike, and went for a ride. There wasn't any real goal, except to ride, but, as these things tend to go for me, it ended up a bit different. For some reason, about 8.5 miles in I discovered an average speed of 18.6. I don't go that fast anymore, do I? No, I NEVER went that fast! Yeah, it was with the wind, and I'd be coming back, but still, it wasn't much of a wind. I went another 21 miles. I did almost the entire thing in the drops, in my most aerodynamic position (at 6'2" and 190 lbs, airflow is more brick like than I want to admit) and pushed, pushed, pushed. My reward? Twenty nine and a half miles with an average speed of 18 mph! Sure, I lost a bit, but most of the ride from the 18.6 point was either into the wind, or up hills. Sometimes you just have to remember how to go fast. It's hard.

There are times I wonder - if I were 30 years younger..... But I'm having fun.

Thanks. Fabian, for reminding me how to go fast.

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